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Podcasts Bring People Together

September 30th is International Podcast Day!


The world of podcasting feels both very large and very small at the same time. For some, it seems that everyone has a podcast, while there are still many people who don’t even know what a podcast is or how to find one. One thing is certain, at least to those in the game—podcasting brings people together!

With social media being so important to many people’s daily lives, it is easier than ever to connect with those people in the world of entertainment. You can follow all of your favorites on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and if you interact with them, many will be thrilled to do the same! Seriously…podcasters LOVE to talk and love to hear that their message is out there!!

Unlike radio, television, and movies, podcasts are not restricted by region or country, so it is incredibly easy to listen to shows on the opposite end of the world. In my four years podcasting with Nerdy B*tches Podcast, we have talked to and worked with fans and other shows all over the world that we never would have known otherwise! I talk daily with friends in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, and the U.K., just to name a few! So, if you have never listened to a podcast, I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to pop open a podcast catcher and give one a try. Below are a few favorites from around the world – and close to home!

Down the Street: Houston-area podcasts

Around the Block: U.S.-based podcasts

Around the World: International podcasts

You can find all of these awesome podcasts on both Apple and Android through nearly any podcatching app. Pop one on and make your world a little smaller and a lot more fun!

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Written by Elizabeth Serna

Podcaster, photographer, writer, retired corporate trainer, and overall Geek who lives near Houston, Texas with her husband Paul and their two fur-babies, Lucy and Daphne. She is co-host of Nerdy B’s Podcast, a show where two geeky ladies podcast their way through pop culture, and owns and writes Self Saving Princess, a blog about her journey to take back her life when it took a very long series of wrong turns.

Liz has been a geek ever since her parents took her to her first movie – Star Wars (1977) – when she was just nine months old. Since then, her passion for geek culture has included all things Star Wars, Shark Week, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and a general love of reading, writing, singing, and cooking.


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