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Funko launches first Wetmore Forest video series

Wetmore Forest Funko

Funko today announced the expansion of the company’s original line of Pop! Monsters with a second wave of characters, custom video content and a new dedicated retail space to further broaden the Wetmore Forest experience

Funko has expanded the Wetmore Forest collection to include a second wave of loveable, light-hearted and fun monsters. The Wetmore Forest branded collection features three product lines including Funko’s iconic Pop!, Plush, and Keychain categories. In conjunction with the new line, Funko Animation Studios will produce and release a series of proprietary online videos and other media content to showcase the characters of the Wetmore Forest world.

“It’s extraordinary to see Funko’s Wetmore Forest come alive in this new and exciting way,” said Brian Mariotti, CEO of Funko. “While our creative team is renowned for the amazing work they do to layer our whimsical, fun and unique style onto the content we license, we are incredibly proud to have developed our own content and intellectual property with this collection.”

On August 18, Funko will host a Wetmore Block Party to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Funko’s flagship store, along with the city of Everett’s 125th year anniversary. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti and Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin will kick off the event by unveiling the newly expanded Wetmore Forest area inside Funko’s flagship retail at 2802 Wetmore Avenue in Everett, Washington. Fans will get to experience an in-store Wetmore Forest-themed game and interact with their favorite monsters in their natural habitat.

“Funko’s new Wetmore Forest will be an exciting and beautiful addition to our growing downtown area,” said Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin. “As we continue to celebrate Everett’s 125th anniversary, we’re not only celebrating our past but also our future. We are lucky and proud to have an innovative company like Funko expanding in our downtown, offering fun products and experiences to locals and visitors alike.”

Funko’s second launch of loveable lighthearted Pop! Monsters include Sapwood Mossbottom, Mulch, Grumble, FoxPaw, Liverwort, Magnus TwistKnot, Angus Knucklebark, Smoots and Slog with Grub. Each Pop! Monster has its own customized storyline that helps tell a piece of the Wetmore Forest story. To further enhance the story behind this charming, happy land, Funko will also be launching an interactive online experience for all to enjoy.

Mariotti continued, “Our passion for pop culture pervades our company and Wetmore Forest is a prime example of our openness to new ideas from anywhere in the organization, which resulted in this innovative and differentiated product line. We are excited to expand the Wetmore universe and to continue to provide our fans with new and innovative ways to interact with the characters they know and love.”

Designed as a rainforest, similar to the Hoh Rainforest in Washington State’s Olympic National Park, Wetmore Forest is an enchanting forest filled with mosses and ferns blanketing the surfaces of fallen trees and streambeds, wildlife roam freely among bubbling creeks, and magic seems to lurk around every corner. This engaging story line was created to encourage exploration and discovery amongst the Funko fans.

Wetmore Forest Pop! Monsters are available to purchase at Funko’s flagship retail store, online at and at specialty retailers.

Learn more at and follow Funko on Twitter (@OriginalFunko) and Instagram (@OriginalFunko).


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